Cuba: 2,000 construction workers are connected

31 July 2019 03:52

Allusive photo. Construction workers in Cuba

The National Construction Workers Union of Cuba (SNTC) through its new national communication strategy is advancing its representation and defense of workers throughout the country.

In the past year, the union’s website The Cuban Construction Worker, has managed to post 1,400 articles regarding its work in the construction and hydraulic resources industries. In doing so, the union is able to connect with more workers inside the country about not only the union’s activities but also present actions and achievements of other trade unions in Latin America and globally. The SNTC reports that at least 2,637 people have been reached by this initiative in internet and at least 977 people have interacted in their publications, thus demonstrating a strong sense of Latin American and global solidarity.

Misael Rodríguez Llanes, SNTC Secretary of International Relations, said that, "Based on the principle of solidarity and integration with other trade unions within our sector in Latin America and the world, our union has designed actions to counteract the effect of neoliberal policies that today punish workers in different countries. We have concentrated considerable efforts in the implementation of a broad and comprehensive communication strategy, which promotes the dissemination of our work through the Internet, television and radio".

"The union’s goals are to strengthen our communication skills, improve the quality of actions and continue to build international relationships. In order for us to achieve these goals, the unity and support of BWI is crucial. BWI is our friend and important ally", concluded Rodríguez Llanes.

"Throughout 2019, BWI has expressed its commitment of international solidarity by building a working a relationship with the SNTC. This is why we are proud of the union’s progress in its communication strategy. We strongly urge them to continue their courageous work for the benefit of the Cuban workers and their families", said Ambet Yuson, BWI General Secretary.