Cuba: International Cooperation achieves Cuban Trade Union Visibility

13 June 2019 19:39

Trade union leaders from SNTC (Cuba), SINTEPAV-PA (Brazil), National Union of Mineworkers, NUM (South Africa) and BWI Regional Representative, Nilton Freitas

In 2019, in Havana, Cuba, progresses and advances in communication and visibility of Cuban trade union’s daily work via social networks was recently evaluated. At the same time the international cooperation and solidarity between the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) and the National Construction Workers Trade Union (SNTC) was further strengthened.

As part of a Cooperation Protocol between the two organizations, BWI donated to SNTC electronic equipment so that the union could improve its national communication capacities. After a cooperation period, results are encouraging.

“As part of the Protocol, we have increased communication and efficiency of our national Offices both digitally and in print,” said Carlos de Dios Oquendo, General Secretary of SNTC. “In addition, we have managed to create 58 web pages, 38 official trade union profiles on Facebook and we have hired a team of professional editors who will be responsible for feeding our website, magazine and newsletter ‘The Cuban Constructor’ and our television space ‘The daily constructor’,” finished Oquendo.

The SNTC expressed its thanks to the BWI Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office in following up on the implementation of the Cooperation Protocol. The union also indicated they will continue to report results to BWI.

At the recent BWI World Board and World Council meetings that were held in Brighton, United Kingdom from 26-30 May 2019, Carlos de Dios Oquendo was a special guest. He provided the BWI representatives a report on the current political and economic developments in Cuba.