FAQs on ILO Convention on Violence and Harassment (C190) Released

03 March 2020 10:03

Last year, the International Labour Conference adopted C.190 (2019), Violence and Harassment. Its adoption was a major accomplishment, not only because it had been a major priority for BWI and the rest of the global trade union for years, but because the content is clear and strong.

A convention of the ILO goes into effect 12 months after it has been ratified by two member states. Uruguay was the first to ratify the Convention and Argentina ratified in on the 2nd of March. Upon the notification to the ILO, the 12-month count-down begins.

However, Conventions need to be widely ratified to have the most impact. That means that further ratifications are needed. If our campaign for ratification gathers enough momentum to generate rapid responses from governments, BWI and other trade union organisations will have made a tremendous contribution for all workers, but especially for women workers because they are more likely to be victims.

It will not be easy to ratify in some countries because it is so far-reaching, comprehensive and good. That is why BWI is providing short points that cover its essential provisions in this publication of Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ).

The documents are available in English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Turkish,  Russian, Hindi, and Serbo Croatian.

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