Germany: IG BAU starts national negotiations

28 February 2020 12:05

The IG BAU trade union is ready to start national collective bargaining negotiations for approximately 850 000 German construction workers on the 19 March 2020. The key topics for the upcoming negotiations are: wage increases for construction workers and workers in vocational schools, and travel time to work compensation. 

The IG BAU decided to demand wage increases for construction workers of 6.8 percent, with a minimum increase of at least 230 euros per month. IG BAU also demands that workers in vocational training should receive an increase of 100 euros per month. Currently, there is a shortage of specialized and qualified construction workers in Germany. Despite the good vocational training system, the construction industry is unable to retain its qualified workers, as they move to other, better paid professions and branches.

Uncompensated travel to work is a major issue. The nature of construction means that workers must often go to workplaces that may be far, even hundreds of kilometres, from home. IG BAU wants to change this unfair situation. In effect, it makes a significant difference in real compensation depending on where one works.  

“Collective bargaining negotiations are in the heart of trade union work. This is the moment when all trade union members come together to stand up for justice. We express full solidarity with IG BAU members in Germany and wish successful negotiations,” said Ambet Yuson, BWI General Secretary.