Ghana: BWI and IndustriALL affiliates conduct a joint meeting on Social Dialogue

12 July 2019 19:58

The main goal of social dialogue is to build consensus and promote democratic involvement amongst all stakeholders in the world of work. IndustriEnergi from Norway is currently supporting trade unions development projects for Building and Wood Worker's International (BWI) and IndustriALL Global Union (IndustriALL) affiliates in Ghana.

Within these projects, one of the objectives is to strive for establishing and strengthening social dialogue. With this in mind, a joint activity for BWI and IndustriALL affiliates and their social partners has been conducted building upon past experiences and gains as a result of social dialogue

On 3 July 2019 a meeting on social dialogue brought employers and workers from different industrial sectors of Ghana (wood and forestry, industries and Commerce, transport and energy, mining and chemical and public utility) with technical support from Africa and Middle East regional offices of BWI and IndustriALL.

Representing BWI affiliates in Ghana, Mark Asante Ofori General Secretary of the Timber and Wood Workers Union (TWU) said, “We are from different unions but have the same objective of serving the interests of workers hence need to use social dialogue to interact with other partners and as a tool to achieve decent work.”

Michael Adumatta Nyantaki the General Secretary of the Public Utility Workers’ Union (PUWU) presented the state of Social Dialogue in Ghana on behalf of the Secretary-General of Ghana Trade Union Congress. “In Ghana, the institutional framework for social dialogue exists but the implementation component is still challenging due to lack of good will,” said Adumatta.

Ole-Kristian Paulsen, International Advisor of IndustriEnergi, shared the experience of social dialogue in Norway at local, sectoral and national levels. For him, social dialogue needs good cooperation, trust, active involvement, education, and political influence. He, therefore, encouraged trade unions in Ghana to use social dialogue as a key pillar for influencing the Decent Work agenda.

Paule France Ndessomin the IndustriAll Regional Secretary for Sub Sahara Africa used the opportunity to thank BWI and IndustriALL Global Union affiliates in Ghana for making the meeting on social dialogue a reality. She also thanked OLE-Kristian Paulsen and IndustriEnergi for facilitating the initiative and also for the good cooperation with trade unions in Ghana.

Commenting on the joint meeting on social dialogue meeting, Crecentia Mofokeng, the Regional Representative of BWI for Africa and Middle East stated, “As trade unions struggle to campaign around a Decent Work agenda, finding concrete solutions are critical and social dialogue is an important tool. It is therefore important for our affiliates to build and improve their skills so that they can effectively negotiate within a framework of social dialogue.”