ILO produces video on 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris

10 February 2020 08:38


The International Labour Organisation (ILO) was created in 1919 and the first modern Olympic Games were held in 1924 in Paris. This video, produced for the ILO, shows the links that began shortly after those first games between the leaders of the ILO and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

More importantly, it shows how the philosophies of the founders of the ILO and the IOC, following one of the most devastating wars in history, WWI, converged. The mission of sports was also quite ambitions in terms of helping to build a fairer, better world.

Those sports principles are still found in both the IOC and FIFA; however, as they have become major enterprises with advertising revenue, the original values have needed to be supported anew. That is what BWI and others have sought and where considerable progress has been made.

In this video, one learns how the social charter developed by government, employers, and trade unions for the 2024 Paris Olympics has been designed to further the original mission of the Olympics. Speakers stress that making that happen means hard work before, during, and after the Games. It is hoped that it will leave a legacy, not only in France, but for future Games.