Indonesia: SERBUK uses new app to call for stronger legal protections for informal workers

25 June 2019 11:50


Indonesian union SERBUK has called for better legal protections for informal workers, arguing that while all workers enjoy the right to healthcare under the Indonesian constitution, for many workers this right is not being realised. The calls came at a workshop in Solo (Java) that was intended to introduce the Jaga Kesehatan programme by Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) encouraging workers to “fight corruption with their fingertips” with a new smart phone app that monitors the implementation of the country’s social insurance laws.

“There are big problems related to the Indonesia’s social insurance laws for outsourced workers like those working in the state-owned electricity company PLN; many vendors have not registered in the programme leaving workers without protection,” said SERBUK General Secretary Khamid Istakhori. “As for construction workers, multiple layers of subcontracting mean that employers are often able to evade their responsibilities when accidents occur.”

Workers attending the workshop also complained about sub-optimal services, complicated treatment claims, poor confidentiality and personal protection while receiving treatment and serious doctor shortages.

 “There is a lot to be done to fight corruption in the health sector and ensure that health services and social protection match that which is guaranteed in law,” Istakhori continued. “SERBUK will take advantage of this new initiative by the Corruption Eradication Commission to strengthen its network advocating for PLN Outsourced workers and construction workers.”

The workshop included representatives from the Health Department, the social insurance scheme, local government, students, and the KPK (the Corruption Eradication Commission) and other civil society organizations.