Kazakhstan: Union develop strategies against gender-based violence

19 February 2020 13:01

On 14-15 February 2020, 26  women  trade union leaders and activists from STUWBCHCS, BWI’s affiliate in Kazakhstan came together for two days of training to develop trade union strategies to combat discrimination and gender-based violence in the workplace.

The goals of the training was to develop the capacity of women in the union so they  play a more active role in: promoting international standards to combat discrimination and gender-based violence; training in organizing, campaigning and leadership development skills; develop a women’s network and to exchange experiences. 

The union invited a well-known expert in the field of gender equality in Kazakhstan, Ms. Margarita Uskembaeva, to give the training. Margarita Uskembaeva is also  the President of the Public Foundation "Institute for Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities of Kazakhstan", leads the shelter for women "ARASHA", and is a member of the Expert Council of the National Commission for Women and Family and Demographic Policy under the President of Kazakhstan.

“This year is a Congress year for our union, and I can proudly say that it is impossible to imagine a future of our union without active women. The energy I feel today in the room once again convinced me that  empowering  women is the right path for trade unions. Today we have discussed the new international standard against violence and harassment in the world of work – ILO C190 – and we will campaign for  the ratification of this ILO Convention  in Kazakhstan,” said Kusein Yesengazin,  STUWBCHCS President.