Mauritius : CMWEU fights for 150 Indian migrant workers

15 February 2020 11:58

The Construction, Metal, Wooden and Related Industries Employees Union (CMWEU), the BWI affiliate in the construction sector in Mauritius, with the support of the Confederation of Public and Private Sector Workers (CTSP) discovered the bad conditions under which some 150 Indian migrant workers from Bihar state work on the construction site of the Medpoint hospital at Phoenix.

A modern cancer hospital is being built in a government bi-lateral project. The contractor is the Indian company, Swadeshi civil infrastructure Limited.

The CMWEU observed serious violations of Labour and human rights of 150 Indian workers. It called for an immediate work stoppage on 30 January to urgently press for compliance of Labour laws.

A worker at the meeting explained that he will not be paid if he takes sick leave after having just had surgery. The same situation was reported by a fellow worker who suffered a hand injury.

The General Secretary of CMWEU, Reeaz Chuttoo said, “We cannot accept these flagrant violations of Labour and human rights in Mauritius for any worker. The Ministry of Labour and the Labour inspectors should do their job and ensure that all employers are complying with the Labour law.”

After intensive negotiations led by CMWEU, an agreement was signed the same day at 8:35 pm with the employer for better working and living conditions for the workers.

Many Indian workers joined the union after the agreement was signed.