Mexico: Work continues after High-Level Mission

22 November 2019 21:47

BWI Delegation – High-Level Mission to Mexico

Prior to the BWI Latin America Regional Committee meeting, the BWI conducted a High-Level Mission to Mexico from 13 to 18 October 2019. The mission consisted of trade union representatives from Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and Germany. The objective of the Mexico mission was to have a comprehensive picture of the current political and trade union situation in the country in order to identify areas of BWI’s future work in the country.

The high-level delegation started its mission by meeting with representatives of FES Mexico and the Center for Labor Research and Trade Union Advice (CILAS) to learn about the country's political, economic and labor situation. In addition the delegation met with representatives of the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion of Mexico City and the National Minimum Wage Commission CONASAMI, a tripartite entity responsible for increasing the salary to domestic employees and northern border workers by 100 percent, The mission also consisted of meetings with the Mexican Trade Union of Electricians and National Trade Union of Mining Workers. The delegation concluded its mission with meetings with the Office of the Republic of Presidency at the National Palace.

Following the mission, the Latin America Regional Committee adopted the recommendations of the BWI High-Level Mission to Mexico Report which highlighted key areas of future work in the country. These issues ranged from protection of migrant workers’ rights, promotion of Decent work in the BWI sectors, and strengthening trade unions in the country.

The report also outlined key regional actions that are to be implemented from January 2020 in the region. Among the main action points are the following:

  • Creating of a BWI Ad Hoc Mexico Working Group.

  • Reaching out to the AMF (Mexican Soccer Association of FIFA) and Mexican Association of Professional Footballers in preparations for the 2026 World Cup.

  • Take advantage of the work with Multinational Companies with presence in Mexico, in order to reach more trade unions.

Based on the report, the BWI, through its Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, has created a Roadmap to continue to work in Mexico in 2020.

"Now that the political mission is complete, we need to begin to work on the to build a based in Mexico. We want the same goal as the Mexican trade union movement and this is respect for workers’ rights in the BWI sectors," stated Saúl Méndez, President of Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Committee.

"Following the success of the High-Level Mission to Mexico, the next step for BWI is to work with the Mexican trade union movement on common points of interests to improve the lives of working people in Mexico," concluded BWI General Secretary, Ambet Yuson.

From left to right: Dietmar Schaefers, BWI Deputy-President. Martín Esparza, General Secretary of the SME