Namibia : MANWU members on strike to stop mistreatment

04 February 2020 22:19

The Metal and Allied Namibian Workers Union (MANWU), affiliated to BWI in Namibia participated in a one-day peaceful demonstration in front of the ruling party (SWAPO) headquarters on Friday 31st January in Windhoek

MANWU is demanding the party to take urgent action to stop the mistreatment of its members from Chinese contractors as well as low wages on these sites. In addition, the union raised concerns about employment contracts being unilaterally terminated by Chinese employers when they wanted to get rid of workers.

MANWU General Secretary, Justina Jonas said, “We are giving SWAPO and the Chinese contractors two days to respond to our members request. If we are not satisfied, drastic measures will be taken by the workers with the help of the union.”