Panama: SUNTRACS negotiates new deal for construction workers

02 May 2020 04:55

After the Panamanian construction companies failed to fully comply with the terms of agreement they signed with SUNTRACS for the last six weeks, the union negotiated new guidelines with the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (MITRADEL) and  Panamanian Chamber of Construction (CAPAC) to ensure the income of construction workers who are currently not working as a result of the industry shutdown since 20 March.

Through a series of online meetings between SUNTRACS and CAPAC, and which was mediated by MITRADEL, both parties agreed that each construction worker will enjoy the following:

  • Advance payment for vacation leaves. 

  • USD 80 per month from the Panama Solidarity Plan.

  • Family food bags  

  • Additional USD 60 from SUNTRACS’ solidarity contribution. 

To expedite the union’s solidarity contribution to workers, SUNTRACS agreed to use the CAPAC-affiliated companies’ payroll payment platforms.

SUNTRACS, after holding a dialogue with employers and government officials, said that it is possible that the industry shutdown will be extended for another  thirty days to ensure the health and safety of construction workers. 

As of 1 May, Panama has 6,532 COVID-19 cases and 188 deaths.