Panama: SUNTRACS reaches agreement with CAPAC

19 May 2018 08:24


The Union of Construction Workers (SUNTRACS) signed an agreement with the Panamanian Chamber of Construction (CAPAC) that includes wage increases according to construction projects---private projects, public projects, and mega-project for the next four years.  The 2018-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) will be effective now.

The wage increases agreed in the new CBA for the period of 2018-2021 will be as follows:

  • 14% increase for private projects in 4 years (3% for 2018, 3% for 2019, 4% for 2020 and 4% for 2021).

  • 18% increase for state projects for the next 4 years.

  • 11% increase for megaprojects.

“We congratulate SUNTRACS led by Saul Mendez and the union’s 70,000 members in achieving significant increase in wages,” stated Ambet Yuson, General Secretary of BWI.  

He continued, “It was a tough month, but the striking workers remained solid in their unity and committed until the very end despite the challenges they faced.  The BWI and many of our affiliates supported strike led by SUNTRACS and now, we will rejoice in the well-deserved victory.”