Peru: Trade unions discuss the future of construction

13 June 2019 20:25

International delegation at the 2019 Construction Forum: Growth and Sustainable Development of Peru

June 11: BWI affiliated unions; UOCRA of Argentina, SUNTRACS of Panama, SINTEPAV-BA of Brazil, FGTB Construction of Belgium, FETRACOMA of Chile and trade union organizations SUNCA of Uruguay and SNTC of Cuba participated in the 2019 Construction Forum: Growth and Sustainable Development of Peru on the current and future situation of construction sector in Peru, organized by the Federation of Civil Construction Workers of Peru (FTCCP).

About 200 delegates, representatives of the Peruvian Chamber of Construction (CAPECO), government authorities and academics who, together with the international trade union leaders, discussed the current situation of construction sector in Latin America and the Caribbean, Peruvian infrastructure and national development projects, sector reactivation proposals and workers training-professional certification in the sector.

“Our main challenge is to combat violence and pseudo trade union presence in construction projects,” said Luis Villanueva, Deputy Secretary General of the Federation. The main challenge for workers is to increase the State’s efficiency on managing and implementing housing and infrastructure projects, in order to generate jobs and stability for construction sector growth.

It is estimated that, from 1,100,000 construction workers nationwide in Peru, only 350,000 are formally registered in payrolls and contributing to the State. It means 750,000 (68 percent of the total Peruvian workforce in construction) are in informal sector, without protection, social security and are non-taxpayers.