Qatar: Workers address lockdown woes

30 March 2020 07:33

With Qatar under a COVID-19 lockdown, 16,000 workers housed in an accommodation facility found it difficult to get their salaries as access to automated teller machines (ATM) has been strictly regulated to prevent the spread of the virus.

Migrant worker associations reported that there was only one (1) ATM available in the workers’ facility. This prompted the groups to seek the assistance of the Ministry of Labour, which immediately instructed the Undersecretary of Labour Affairs to coordinate with the Qatar Central Bank to address the issue. 

As a result,  two (2) mobile ATMs arrived at the facility, in time for the workers’ scheduled pay day.

The migrant workers attribute the government’s prompt action to their strong organizing and coordination with the government to promote and protect the rights and welfare of migrant workers in Qatar.