SNTC / BTP protests against debts due to construction companies

25 May 2019 08:25


The National Union of Construction, Building and Public Works Workers of Senegal SNTC / BTP has submitted a letter to the Minister of Finance and Budget after conducting a march in protest of the payment of debt, totaling more than 80 billion that the Senegalese government owes to the construction companies.

This long-term government debt which is between 2016 and 2019 has resulted in the severe economic crisis for several companies.

The General Secretary of SNTC/BTP Diaraf Ndao explained the damage caused by the debt due to the failure of the government to pay to major construction companies in Senegal responsible for the Regional Express Train projects has created enormous hardships to workers and employers. These include stoppage of several projects, late payment of wages to workers, dismissal of several thousands of workers, and technical unemployment.

In delivering the letter, Diaraf Ndao stated, “We call on the government to immediately assist the thousands of workers left behind. Workers are desperate. They can no longer eat, pay their rent, and care for their families, because government has not paid the construction companies.”

The BWI regional representative Crecentia Mofokeng calls on the Senegalese government to settle this debt as soon as possible, as it prevents companies from meeting their obligations to construction workers in Senegal.