Solidarity call by BWI with victims of Australian bushfires

12 February 2020 01:09


The BWI is calling for support for those affected by the Australian bushfires, which have blazed since September 2019.  They have killed 28 people and have injured many others.   In addition, a half a billion animals have been killed and 5,900 buildings destroyed, including 2,204 homes. Affected areas continue to expand, covering an estimated 10.7 million hectares.  Although such fires are not unusual in Australia during the so-called “fire season”, this year has been the worst in recorded history.

“Our deep condolences go to those families who have lost loved ones, and to those communities for whom life has been irreparably altered,” said BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson. “We would also like to express our great respect and admiration for the valiant and courageous firefighters, who have given so many hours under hard conditions.  They are putting their lives in danger to save others.  Many thousands of them are volunteers.”

Yuson noted that solidarity had been pouring in from workers across the planet, with many unions noting that they would like to be able to assist those in need.

“Last month, the CFMMEU announced that they would be donating $100,000 to support the bushfire recovery effort, challenging the building industry to step up,” continued Yuson. “We are now calling on BWI affiliates across the world to step up and provide support for the bushfire recovery effort.”

BWI affiliates wishing to contribute to the recovery efforts and to support union members in need, can send contributions to BWI.  The BWI will forward all collections to our affiliates in Australia. 

The band details are as follows: 

Bank Name/address:
6-8 Place Longemalle
1204 Genève, Switzerland


Bank Account name :
54, route des Acacias,
1227 Carouge, SWITZERLAND

Account Number:  246606.290190-6 (CHF)
IBAN CH41 0844 0246 6062 9019 0

Account Number:  246606.310290-0 (EUR)
IBAN:  EUR: IBAN CH56 0844 0246 6063 1029 0