South Africa: NUM Special Congress: ‘Power of Unity’

16 September 2019 10:28

The National Union of Mine Workers (NUM) concluded its Special Congress on 3 – 6 September 2019 under the theme of “Power of Unity.” The Congress took place at the International Center of Durban and was attended by eight hundred delegates as well as local and international guests. BWI was represented by the Regional Representative, Crecentia Mofokeng and Jeremias Timana, Member of Regional Committee for Southern Africa.

The NUM Special Congress was surrounded by a dark cloud wavering South Africa with continued violence against women and children, the killing of Africans from other countries, and the looting of their shops. The NUM Special Congress condemned in the strongest terms these barbaric actions and call on the government to hold those responsible to ensure justice for those injured and killed as well as to protect lives and property.

The General Secretary of NUM David Sipunzi delivered the state of the organisation address which included the social, economic, and political developments. In strengthening the NUM, the Special Congress amended the union constitution to be in line with national laws and sectors of the union.

In addition, the NUM included in its constitution the Metal Sector and adopted to continue to work with the COSATU policy on “One Industry One Union” and “One Country One Federation” to merge with defined unions as decided in COSATU Structures.

The NUM Special Congress acknowledged the need for solidarity and working with like-minded organizations to support the struggle of workers and all people living under oppression and extended solidarity to people and workers of Palestine and Venezuela.

The President of NUM Joseph Montisetse in his closing remarks called on all structures to unite and work within the structures of the union; to continue to organise new members for in the construction, energy, mining, and metal sectors; and to work hard for the Power of Unity.