Stop deadly exposures on April 28!

12 April 2019 09:40


On April 28th, International Workers’ Memorial Day, trade unions will commemorate those who lost their lives and health trying to earn a living. The BWI and the ITUC urge all its affiliates to take action to remove deadly dangerous substances from the workplace.

Dangerous chemical, biological and physical agents can be found in our workplaces in many forms, and represent a huge occupational risk for workers because current regulatory systems are inadequate - and in some countries, non-existent – to protect workers.

Trade unions can change the situation by doing the following:

National centers: Highlight the importance of this issue, advocating for improvements in the law on hazardous substances and improved enforcement of the law, and by exposing the preventable risks faced by workers.

Sectoral federations: Educating the membership on risks in their industries, promoting when possible sectoral agreements on hazardous substances, and encouraging unions to include the issue in collective bargaining.

Unions at the company and workplace level: mobilising for Joint occupational health and safety (OHS) committees to address hazardous substances, bring this issue to union’s collective bargaining agenda, improve union capacity through effective organisation and training, and fight for workplace rights.

Read more about the campaign in the documents below: