Turkey: BWI Affiliates in Turkey Support the Youth-Led Global Climate Strike

26 September 2019 13:30

BWI Turkish affiliates supporting Global Climate Strike

23 September 2019: BWI Turkish affiliates---YOL-IS, AGAC-IS, TARIM ORMAN-IS and ORMAN-IS---gathered at the YOL-IS headquarters to take part in the struggle against the climate crisis and its catastrophic effects by showing their support for the youth-led global climate strike.

Ramazan Agar, the President of YOL-IS and the Vice-Chair of the BWI European Committee, stated, “We as the BWI affiliates in Turkey gather today to support the Global Climate Strike which is led by young people all around the world. We are all witnessing the devastating effects of the climate crisis every day in our daily lives and in our sectors. Therefore, the climate crisis is a very crucial issue which must be urgently tackled by replacing all polluters with renewable and green energy along with ensuring a just transition for those whose jobs will be affected by this transition.”

He further conveyed his wishes by adding that “We support the Global Climate Strike and wish a green, healthy and liveable world for all of us and for next generations”.

Women participants of the event showing their support to Global Climate Strike

After screening the campaign video of Greta Thunberg, the Presidents of AGAC-IS, TARIM ORMAN-IS and ORMAN-IS also made speeches to emphasise the importance of just transition in combating against the climate crisis. Trade union leaders underlined the message indicating their belief in a better future, which would be possible by promoting the presence of powerful rural forest workers to protect forests, by providing decent work for all and by transferring the system into a sustainable economy.