Ukraine: PROFBUD Tower Crane Operators Union fights for workers’ wages

08 April 2019 14:00

Ukraine: PROFBUD Tower Crane Operators Union fights for workers’ wages

Members of the Tower Crane Operators Union of Ukraine, affiliated to PROFBUD, organized a warning strike due to non-payment wages from Altis-Development company for two months. Workers from the construction site of the residential complex Metropole and Ocean Mall stopped work in the morning of 1 April 2019. 

According to Vitalii, a young crane operator from the Metropole construction site,“we warned our employer at the beginning of March that if he does not pay our wages we will stop work. There are three cranes on the construction site and all of them stopped!”.

Tower crane operators warning strike pushed Altis-Development management to start negotiations with workers and ensure them that during the day management would find a solution for this situation.

“After this warning strike, new members joined the union. Together we will develop an action plan to prevent further violations of the workers rights in this company. Unfortunately, Altis-Development is not the only contractor employed for the construction of Ocean Mall which owes workers money. We have demonstrated to other workers that joining the trade union is the only one way to protect workers’ rights!” said Vasyl Andreev, PROFBUD president. 

BWI is creating a tower crane workers’ unions and networks as part of its Amandla! Strategic Plan 2018 -2021 and extends its solidarity to the Ukrainian workers.