Unite statement on the latest rejection of Theresa May’s Brexit deal

01 April 2019 07:00


As uncertainty grows in the United Kingdom on the future of Brexi, UNITE the Union has issued a statement calling for General Election to break the deadlock.

According to Unite general secretary Len McCluskey,

“Theresa May’s Brexit deal is now dead. It has been rejected by the House of Commons three times. Its demise is testament to the Prime Minister’s failure to act as a national rather than a Party leader. Her efforts to reach out beyond the ranks of the Tory hard right have been too little and too late.

“It is now beyond urgent that politicians of all parties agree on a new approach. Uncertainty is costing jobs and investment. Britain’s economic future is being held hostage by political paralysis.

“The deadlock can only be broken by a General Election or by a free vote across the Commons on the range of options available. On Monday, MPs should agree a new approach based around a Customs Union between Britain and the European Union.

“I would very much hope that those MPs in all parties who did not support this common sense solution to the crisis in this week’s indicative vote will do so in a free vote on Monday.

“In particular, I would urge the Scottish National Party, supported as it is by many working people in Scotland, to vote to put economic security, jobs and prosperity first.”