Venezuela: Revive the construction industry by working together

26 July 2018 05:06


The four Venezuelan unions affiliated to the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) have agreed to create a common platform to face the difficult national problems.

In a joint statement, the unions urged the Venezuelan government to facilitate public and private investment in construction in order to reactivate the industry. The proposal was made together with employers of the Venezuelan Construction Chamber and the Bolivarian Chamber of Construction and will be presented to Venezuelan government officials in July this year.

According to the representatives of Venezuelan Federations affiliated to BWI, the construction industry is operating at no more than 5 per cent of its capacity, causing unemployment, economic slowdown, informality and mass migration to neighbouring countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Brazil. Venezuela also registers zero investment in the wood and forestry industries.

The Venezuelan unions request the BWI to continue supporting these national efforts of trade union unity.

"The meeting had the purpose to work together on common issues, to advance in the establishment of an entity that integrates us and where other organizations from BWI sectors can be welcome”, said William Lizardo of FETRACONSTRUCCION.