Women push for more representation in BWI European structures

20 December 2018 06:55

BWI women delegates in Europe came out in full force to push for changes in regional statues for more representation in Adana, Turkey at the BWI European Regional Conference, as a follow-up to the success they had in ensuring that thirty per cent of women were elected to the BWI World Board. At least forty per cent of the participants at the regional conference were women.

The changes in the regional by-laws resulted in a new composition of the BWI Regional Women’s Committee from the previous five country groups to the newly approved six country groups. The six members elected to the BWI European Regional Women’s Committee as follows: Josefine Krantz (MALAREFÖRBUNDET-Sweden); Rita Schiavi (UNIA-Switzerland), Mercedes Landolfi, (FILLEA-CGIL); Zamaney Menso (FNV-Netherlands), Ivana Dimitrova (SGIP-Macedonia) and Lesya Gusak (Profbud-Ukraine).

In addition, should the composition of the European Regional Committee not meet the quota of thirty percent women, the Vice-Chair of the European Regional Women’s Committee would be also be included. Currently, only the Chair of the European Regional Women’s Committee is a member of the Regional Committee.

“I am very proud that women have become so active in BWI regional activities and structures. Our campaign, “Vote for Change, Vote for Women” that we initiated in Durban has resulted in success here in Adana. But we should not stop here. It is important for us to ensure that women actively participate in not only the decision-making process of BWI but in all regional activities to highlight issues impacting women in the BWI sectors,” said Rita Schiavi.

Immediately following the conference, the European Regional Women’s Committee took place. The committee members elected Rita Schiavi to continue as Chair. Ivana Dimitrova, and Mercedes Landolfi were elected as two Vice-Chairs. Josefine Krantz will take over Ivana Dimitrova as Vice-Chair from 2020-2021.

The election of Ivana and Josefine who are both under thirty-five years and rank and file members sent a strong message by the Committee to develop new leadership of women who are work in the sectors BWI represent.

The committee also adopted the 2018-2021 regional action plan highlighting BWI Convergence #4: Gender Equality. The action plan focused on Value Women’s Work campaign and stopping gender-based violence.