Youth is Ready to Lead a Revolutionary Change

12 May 2020 19:38

Youth is Ready to Lead a Revolutionary Change


As we mark the 20 years of the International Youth day since its inception, it is important that we continuously advocate for the achievements of the ILO’s Sustainable Development Goals for a better future and decent working conditions for young people.

Unemployment remains a thorny matter globally, where young workers in all BWI sectors are highly affected. Young people are suffering from poor working conditions while they are also very much concerned about devastating effects of rise in nationalism and racism, and climate change.

Last year, the BWI called on unions to fight for decent jobs for young workers and to include young workers and members in trade union structures.

Lebohang Vincent Ramabolu, Chair of the BWI International Youth Committee states, “We would like to remind our previous call and repeat it is crucial that young people are given opportunities to lead in trade union structures and other related structures in leadership roles. This creates innovative ways in trade union movement, as young people are the catalysts of revolutionary change in the future world of work for quality jobs accompanied by decent working conditions. The day is also important that we also re-emphasize the role youth needs to play in democratic processes of their countries to influence political decisions. As we celebrate our achievements as youth, we need also to appreciate the important role ahead.”

Additionally, the BWI Youth stresses that advocating for improvement in our education system for new skills to accommodate the Fourth Industrial Revolution is critical for sustainable employment which would benefit economic conditions of the society at large. Young people have to play an important role in conflict resolutions, as the world needs our positive energy to maintain world peace for future generation.

The BWI has been one of the federations that have seen the important role youth should play or have played in the society at large especially in the trade union space.

The BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson emphasises that, “Our priority has always been making the BWI younger. We took a huge step in finalising the formation of the BWI International Youth Committee and thus, we are ready and looking forward to working with young unionists and to supporting youth actions and campaigns.”

Amandla!! Power to the Youth!!

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International Youth Day is celebrated on the 12th of August each year all over the world to draw attention to youth issues. It is designated by the United Nations and has been celebrated since year 2000.