‘No to exploitation for investment’ – A perspective of BWI Africa Chinese MNC network

07 August 2018 18:13

Participants at the BWI Africa Chinese MNC Network annual meeting in Nairobi

The annual meeting of the BWI Africa Chinese MNC network that was held in Nairobi from 22nd to 26th July 2018 brought together 38 participants from 20 unions and 14 countries in Africa that organizes workers in Chinese multinational companies (MNCs).

The participants visited the Railway project site in Mahi Mahiu, Kenya, that is being undertaken by the China Roads and Bridge Corporation who have subcontracted to China Communication Construction company. Out of the 3,000 workers in the company, 50 per cent have been organized by the union. The union has signed a collective agreement with the company.

The visit was an eye-opener to the participants for various challenges faced by workers and the union in Kenya and the rest of the continent which reveal similar trends. Some of the issues raised included lack of respect of workers’ rights, poor health and safety conditions among others.

While the participants appreciated the value of these investments in their countries, in view of the challenges they are facing, they came out with one voice to say “No exploitation for investments”

The meeting was supported by the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES).