On International Women’s Day: High time to care: if women stop, the world stops!

08 March 2017 09:49

Women’s work is fundamental to the political, economic, and social fabric of the world: As active workers in many sectors including the industries BWI represents, women’s work is critical and a driving force to keep the world moving. If women stop, the world stops. 

On International Women’s Day, the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) celebrates the valuable work of all women in the paid and unpaid economy and calls for global action to stop misogynist threats, close the gender pay gap, fight for gender inequality and to stop the attack on women’s reproductive and sexual health and rights. 

BWI’s 2017 Congress’ theme is Amandla: Power to the People, and on this special day BWI celebrates the power of women all over the world. 

BWI also supports the global campaign on an International Convention to stop Gender-based Violence at Work. BWI’s affiliates are working extensively on the ground to bring about societal changes that put the value of women’s work at its place. 

The BWI along with millions of women will be marching, organizing, campaigning, and mobilizing on March 8 in various parts of the world to show the important role women play in keeping the world running. 

Share your actions on March 8th #proudtobeafeminist; #proudofmyunion #AmandlaBWI #Powertothewomen 

If women stop, the world stops and it is high time to care.