Panama: new strike in Cobre Panama (FMQ)

19 March 2018 16:36

The Union of Construction Workers (SUNTRACS) again denounced massive layoffs and the occupation of police forces in workers' camps. All this because of a new strike of 5000 workers which denounces these problems at the workplace despite the dialogue that had begun on past February 22, 2018.

Saúl Méndez, General Secretary of SUNTRACS said that strike has resumed due to 10 more workers dismissals, which together with the previous ones, results in more than 40 layoffs so far. The police forces continue intervening in the conflict in favour of the company.


Méndez said that they blame the Minister of Labour, the Minister of Security and the President of the Republic "for what happens in the camps".

SUNTRACS' Council of Delegates agreed on a series of actions at national level, including picketing, demonstrations and distribution of leaflets on all construction projects until the 100 police contingent leaves workers camps and until the company resumes the dialogue agreed at the end of previous strike agreement of February 18.