Panama: Young workers push for labour and social change

Fifty young workers from the BWI-affiliated Union of Construction Workers (SUNTRACS) took part in a national youth meeting of the Panamanian Popular Movement last June to jointly define concrete youth-led actions to promote labour and social change in Panama.

The meeting brought together 150 young leaders from the peasant, construction, public services, commerce and student movement sectors. It is part of an alliance built at the end of 2020 to identify joint actions for better job opportunities, education and housing for the youth.

A multi-sectoral “youth coordinating table” was created to coordinate national campaigns. 

“To achieve a better future, the youth must take up the challenge now. SUNTRACS-Youth will continue discussing with one another and developing campaigns in partnership with other youth leaders of this country. We believe that only through unity and solidarity can we make a difference,” said Eliéser Córdoba, SUNTRACS union leader and First Vice President of the Regional Youth Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean.