Peru: cement workers fight against violation of workers’ rights

31 July 2017 07:16


The Federation of Cement and Premixed Workers of Peru (FETRACEPPE) denounced, in a press release, a series of abuses and violations of labour rights perpetrated by companies in the sector against workers and the lack of attention and interest to solve this issue by Cement entrepreneurs.

Due to this situation, next July 31st, 2017, FETRACEPPE and its affiliated unions have called to a national strike that will start with a mobilization from the headquarters of the Ministry of Labour to the Congress of the Republic.

The strike is based on the following fighting platform:

  • Defense of the health and safety at work law and its unrestricted application.

  • Fair payment of the profit sharing and a regulation that does not affect workers’ rights.

  • No to labour flexibilization that affects workers.

  • Against dismissals and defense of freedom of association.

  • Stop to labour harassment acts against leaders and members.

  • Improvements in working conditions.

  • Equal payment (equal pay for equal work).

  • No to denaturalization of the intermediation and outsourcing of services.

BWI supports the actions of FETRACEPPE and its trade unions. We join their demands by calling on businessmen to dialogue, negotiate and reach agreements that guarantee respect for the rights and conditions of Peruvian cement workers.