PH's biggest labour coalition to Supreme Court:  Terror law has chilling effect on right to organise

The Nagkaisa labour Coalition, the Philippines’ biggest coalition of labour centers, asked the Supreme Court to strike down the unconstitutional provisions of the recently passed Anti-Terror Law. 

In a petition filed on Thursday, the trade unionists asserted that the law has a "destructive chilling effect" on workers' freedom of expression and association, and right to organise. They said that the workers' right to organise is enshrined in the Constitution and warned that all guaranteed workers' rights are in serious danger of being further eroded by the enactment of the law.

Nagkaisa also assailed the Anti-Terrorism Council (ATC) that the law will create. They said that the ATC's wide powers to determine what constitutes as terrorism has the dangerous potential to negate many workers' rights. 

The trade unions said that the law's definition of terrorism is vague and overly broad and violates the constitutional guarantee against unreasonable seizures and detention. They said that the law will only worsen the situation of workers, who are already the victims of violence and harassment from the government's security forces.

Nagkaisa's petition is the ninth to be filed against the measure since President Rodrigo Duterte signed it into law. The law will take effect midnight of 18 July.