Policy paper: Protecting migrant workers in an overheating planet

As the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP 28) kicks off in Dubai, the Building and Wood Workers' International (BWI), representing 12 million workers, raises a crucial alarm about the deep implications of the global climate crisis on the working population. With climate change accelerating, the risk of displacing millions of workers is imminent, forcing many to seek employment abroad as extreme weather events wreak havoc on their livelihoods. Industries such as construction and forestry, integral to the global workforce, find themselves grappling with unprecedented challenges that not only jeopardize jobs, but also intensify health and safety risks for countless workers.

In response to these pressing issues, BWI has formulated a policy paper aimed at establishing institutional protection for migrant workers navigating the challenges of an overheating planet. This document serves as a comprehensive guide on how governments and global industry leaders can implement measures to safeguard the rights of migrant workers in the face of escalating climate impacts. 

At COP 28, BWI calls upon government representatives, global leaders, and industry stakeholders to prioritise the protection of migrant workers' rights in the context of the unfolding climate crisis. The international community is urged to consider and implement the proposed policy measures to ensure that as the world grapples with the environmental challenges ahead, the rights and well-being of workers, particularly those facing the impacts of climate change, are not overlooked.

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