Swedish union at loggerheads with employers on CBA, strike looms

09 June 2020 11:39

Byggnads, the Swedish union of construction workers, is at odds with the employer federation Byggföretagen on the extension of its collective bargaining agreement (CBA). 

The employers insisted to extend the construction workers’ CBA until November similar to other industries, pointing to the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to the economy. 

However, Byggnads President Johan Lindholm opposed the proposal explaining that extending the CBA close to the Christmas season will lessen the time for construction workers to properly and substantially renegotiate the agreement. Instead, the union proposed to extend the CBA only until October and immediately begin the process of renegotiation.

At present, both parties are firm on holding to their respective positions.  Due to the failure to come to a common agreement, based on the Swedish model, the existing CBA can expire within 7 days and the union can avail of a strike action to force its demands.