Protests over declining purchasing power spread across Europe

A vast national strike over the declining purchasing power of the Belgian working people was organised in Belgium on 9 November. BWI Belgian affiliates ACV-Bie and FGTB reported that numerous pickets were held across the country.

The decline in the Belgian working people’s purchasing power was reportedly triggered by rising inflation which is spreading fast around Europe. 

In the euro zone, inflation accelerated further in October reaching a new peak of +10.7 percent in just one year. This was driven by the unmitigated surge in energy prices rising to +41.9 percent, and food, tobacco and alcohol, prices rising as high as 13.1 percent.

Throughout Europe, trade unions’ sentiments are the same: current wages do not respond to the brutal increase in the cost of living.

On 10 November, BWI French affiliates will hold a similar mobilisation in Paris with "Zero Metro, Zero RER" (Regional Express Network). 

 BWI expresses its full support for the protesting workers and trade unions, and extends its solidarity to all its members in the region amidst the difficult times.