Regional youth leaders to launch campaigns on professional training, environment and decent work

The BWI Regional Youth Committee (RYC) for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) approved a resolution committing itself to launch global campaigns on professional training, environmental sustainability and decent work. The resolution was presented before its second RYC meeting held last 24 September.  

The meeting, led by Eliéser Córdoba (SUNTRACS-Panama), RYC’s 1st Vice President of and Chair of Group 28 (Central America), was attended by Krishendaye Dorie (BITU-Jamaica), 1st Substitute of Group 29 (Caribbean), Luis Fernando López (INTERGREMIAL-Colombia), Chair of Group 25 (Andean Area), José Luis López (UOCRA-Argentina), 1st Substitute of Group 26 (Southern Cone),  BWI LAC Regional Committee President Saúl Méndez, BWI LAC Regional Representative Nilton Freitas and BWI Global Youth Coordinator Gülsah Doruk.

The regional youth leaders also approved their regional work plan which aims to hold trainings and promote activism among the Latin American youth leading to BWI’s 5th World Congress.

"We hope to better respond to the needs of young workers by occupying more leadership positions within our respective trade unions and improving our professional skills to capably address the governments and employers’ discriminatory policies that threaten the rights and welfare of thousands of young working men and women,” Córdoba said.

The regional youth leaders said that amidst the region’s rising unemployment and exhausted public health systems, they continue to organise and reach out to young workers and push for their inclusion in the different decision-making processes of their professional and trade union lives.