Rio 2016: Olympics worksites are interdicted for unsafe working conditions

31 May 2016 06:56

Three months to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the Regional Superintendence of Labour and Employment of the State of Rio de Janeiro (SRTE / RJ), agency of the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE), has interdictedpartially the preparatory works for the Olympics to be held in August this year in the city of Rio de Janeiro-RJ. The interdiction has affected the works of the Olympic Park and Athletes Village. 

The interdiction was decided after a technical inspection detecting safety problems for workers that happened on Monday. Among the irregularities there was: lack of personal protective equipment, workers in condition of extreme risk and workers without a contract. Accidents in the works of the Olympics have already resulted in the death of 11 workers. 

Since March last year, the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) has alerted the authorities and the organizers of the Olympic Games on the working conditions, especially in the final stretch of the works. On the occasion, a survey was presented by Fundacentro / MTE showing the increase in the number of accidents close to deadline of the works, and also the Security Protocol in the Works of Olympics 2016 was present by BWI,the documentlay down a series of guidelines for action to ensure safe working conditions and to prevent both accidents from recurring andinterdictions. 

BWI congratulates the Regional Superintendence of Labour and Employment of the State of Rio de Janeiro(SRTE / RJ)for the work, since the lives of workers should be a priority in the organization of mega sporting events.