Rio Olympics 2016: “Eleven Families Devastated”

08 September 2016 10:11

With these words, Alan Real, expressed the pain of losing his younger brother. His brother, Thiago Real Rubens - the 30-year-old truck driver - lost his life on March 16th this year in the works of the road TransOlímpica in Rio de Janeiro.

Alan was referring also to the pain of his own family: "How to get home at the end of a working day and not find a loved one, who could not return because he had an accident, because he is dead?" 

He also showed outrage at the indifference of companies and authorities, "Where is the International Olympic Committee, the IOC? Not a word of comfort or sympathy, a simple ‘I'm sorry’ .... nothing!" 

The ceremony in memory of the eleven workers who lost their lives in the works of the 2016 Olympic Games was promoted by BWI, the SINTRACONST RIO, the SITRAICP and CESTEH / ENSP / FIOCRUZ. The public act ended with the planting of a tree seedling and the unveiling of a plaque by the niece of Thiago Real. "I planted a life," said the five-years-old child. 

The eleven honorees workers are: 
Alexandre Ferreira 
Gerson de Souza 
Abrahão Gonçalves de Almeida 
Eliveuto Viana de Cristo 
Stanley Meireles Lima 
Edmar Ferreira de Souza 
Pedro Fernandes Guimarães 
Antonio Carlos dos Santos 
Venilton Santiago da Silva 
Kleiton Phillipe Magalhães de Assis 
Thiago Real Rubens