Running for a child labour free world

22 May 2018 16:07


On the 24th of June people of all ages will take part in the annual Shimmert Marathon for a child labour free world in the Netherlands. The BWI participates in this event every year to raise awareness of the situation for child labourers in the world and the right of every child to have a meaningful childhood.

The BWI has established schools for child labourers in India, Nepal and Bangladesh where children working at brick kilns, stone quarries and in forestry get the chance to go to school. Trade unions in these countries provide education to children in close collaboration with the governments and campaign for quality education and also better wages, working conditions and social protection for adult workers.  

All funds from Schimmert event will be donated to the Child Learn Netherlands Foundation.



Herberg mareveld

Mareweg 23

6333 BR Schimmert (nuth)


Sunday, June 24, 2018

- Kidsrun starts at 9.00

- 7 and 14 km starts at 10.00

- Half and full marathon starts at 11.00

- Estafette starts at 11.00


You can change clothes at Herberg Mareveld.

The camping facilities can be used for showering.


7 km rounds run on paved and unpaved roads


On the course there are two care stations where water, sports drinks and cola can be obtained.

Given the course is a loop of 7 km, there is a service station every 3.5 km.


The event is supervised by first aid department Schimmert.

Traffic rules:

All participants must observe the traffic regulations and the instructions of the traffic controllers.

Electronic time registration:

I.v.m. the electronic time registration, € 5.00 deposit is requested to the participants.

This may be paid when paying the registration fee or when picking up the race number and the chip.

After the game you will receive the deposit back after you have handed in the chip.

Time limit:

There is a time limit of 5 hours for the marathon.


A prize will be awarded to the first three ladies and the first five men.

Award ceremony

At inn mareveld.

- Kidsrun at 09.30

- 7 and 14 km at 11.30

- Half marathon at 13.00

- Marathon and relay race at 15.00


Pre-registration is possible until June 17, 2018.

After this, it is still possible to register via the website, but the full costs have to be paid.


- € 2.00 - Kidsrun

- € 7.50 - 7 km

- € 10.00 - 14 km

- € 15.00 - Half marathon

- € 25.00 - Full marathon

- € 60.00 - Estafette

Registration after June 8 costs:

- € 2.00 - Kidsrun

- € 10.00 - 7 km

- € 12.50 - 14 km

- € 17.50 - Half marathon

- € 30.00 - Full marathon

- € 70.00 - Estafette

All the registration fee will be donated to the Child Learn Netherlands Foundation.


You can pay on the following account:

IBAN: NL44 RABO 0151 1086 76


to C.H.M. Okkersen - Heemskerk

Trichterstraat 17

6333 AD Schimmert

Please mention first and last name