Seasons greetings

05 January 2017 12:21


As the end of 2016 is getting closer we would like to thank you for your consistent support and solidarity in working with BWI to build a stronger global trade union movement. 

Our global union brings together more than 12 million members from all parts of the world with the common belief that trade unions is instrumental in bringing about political, economic, and social changes. In these difficult and challenging times, it is imperative that we show the strength of our power by uniting and working together. 

This year, we have clearly shown the power of BWI by defending workers’ rights through aggressive organizing campaigns; advocating for better laws and standards to protect all workers; and to negotiate with companies and governments for agreements that ensures decent work, living wages, dignity and respect. 

Throughout the year, BWI affiliates have also shown solidarity for trade unions under attack from governments and multinational companies. This solidarity is critical inpressuring multinational companies and governments to respect workers rights. 

Workers and trade union rights are about human rights which is why workers unity and solidarity are also important in building peace, justice, and democracy, and to fight against inequality, dictatorships, xenophobia and war. The BWI will continue to fight for decent work and bring dignity to workers globally to build a better more sustainable, just and peaceful society for all. With these words we wish you the very best for the upcoming 2017. Amandla BWI. Power to the People. 

Ambet Yuson, General Secretary of the BWI 

Per Olof-Sjöö, President of the BWI 

The BWI will be closed during the season's holidays until the 4th of January 2016. BWI fax machine +41 22 827 37 70 as well as its e-mail will receive your messages.

Please download the PDF version of the text here