SGIP Macedonia Campaign on “Life and health in the first place”

SGIP provided a training on safety and health at work in order to raise awareness of workers in construction, projection and building materials. In the frame of its campaign under the slogan “Life and health in the first place, take care of it when working”, a training was held with 46 union representatives from construction and building materials companies. The event was organised in November 2016 in Ohrid organised by SGIP and BWI. 

The following topics were covered like communication skills, role of workers' health and safety representatives at work, current challenges and professional risks on health and safety in construction and building materials industry, exposure to asbestos work at heights, work in conditions of workers exposure to extreme heat, ergonomic disorders, psycho-social factors at work and stress associated with the job. 

Special emphasis was given to raising workers' awareness and ensuring a safe and health working environment. There were interactive sessions with participation and inputs of experts of the SGIP, Prof. Dr. Joan Karadzinska Bislimovska - President of the National Council for Safety and Health at Work, Sasho Stoleski and Dr. Dragan Mijakoski of the Institute of Occupational Medicine.

The activity was conducted as part of a regular training for union reps under the newly adopted Law on Occupational Health and Safety at Work and the Campaign Plan of SGIP in Macedonia which saw in 2016 an active participation of shop stewards, health and safety reps and activists in its implementation. Among others, the participants of the training supported the BWI Global campaign against Attacks on Trade Union Rights in South Korea. 

The union will organise its 2nd Winter School for young trade unionists from 2-3 of December in support of campaigning for young workers’ rights in construction and building materials sector.