SINDICONS Moldova campaign fights back for early retirement age benefits

26 June 2017 06:37

SINDICONS decided to start a campaign in the framework of the BWI Spring Offensive to fight back the right for certain groups of its members for early retirement age benefit. Up to now the BWI Spring Offensive campaign involved active participation of more than 700 union activists and members of SINDICONS. The pension age in Moldova was raised up to 62 years for women and 65 for men last December.

At the same time all benefits for workers in hazardous working conditions like stone miners, cement kilns operators for example were cancelled. For hundreds of members of the BWI Moldova affiliate SINDICONS that meant a radical pension age increase from 54 to 65. Given the average life expectancy of stone miners and workers in the cement sector that means that many of them will not simply live to go on pension.

During April 2017 the union visited 8 workplaces (stone quarries and cement plants) to meet workers and discuss the campaign. On 12 April 2007 a workshop for union activists participating in the campaign was organised to further develop the campaign strategy. It was decided to demand a meeting with the Ministry of Labour that finally took place on 28 April and resulted in establishing a joint Working Group that is now taking care of the technical side of the legislation amendments proposals.

End of March the union started with protest picketing of the National Parliament in the capital Chisinau and building alliance with other stake holders. As the result, a joint demand addressed to the Ministry of Labor was developed with participation of the National Trade Union Confederation and a group of employers representing building materials production sector.