Solidarity for Türkiye

In the spirit of solidarity, the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) appeals to all its affiliates worldwide to donate to the BWI Solidarity fund for the benefit of all the victims of the deadly and destructive earthquake that hit Türkiye.

On 6 February, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Türkiye early in the morning. It was one of the deadliest earthquake of the century, with more than six hundred aftershocks recorded, including a 7.5 magnitude aftershock. The calamity has affected 14 million people living in ten cities of south-eastern Türkiye. 

More than 12,000 people have lost their lives and more than 62,000 people were injured.  A total of 6,444 buildings have also collapsed. Tens of thousands of people are still trapped under the rubble, while a similar number of people are without shelter and exposed to the freezing winter weather. 

Our affiliates are currently monitoring the situation and the vital needs of their members by coordinating their efforts with authorities. Turkish Union of Road Construction and Building Workers – YOL-IS President and BWI World Board member and Pan European Regional Vice-Chair Ramazan Ağar arrived in the affected region in the first hours after the earthquake and is currently coordinating the response efforts. 

Tens of thousands of YOL-IS members, especially those working in public enterprises from different provinces, came to the earthquake-affected areas and acted as first responders. They have been at the forefront of rescue operations. At the cost of losing their lives, they kept the country’s road network open and repaired damaged road infrastructure amidst the severe winter weather to ensure the safe passage of emergency personnel, volunteers and supply. Civil Servants’ Union of Forestry, Agriculture, Husbandry and Environment – TARIM ORMAN-IS President Şükrü Durmuş also arrived at the affected areas and visited four major cities where union members are located to assist them in their evacuation efforts. 


As a part of our relief efforts, trade unions in Türkiye have called their members and workers in general to donate whatever they can to sustain our initiative. In cooperation with our affiliates on the ground and with the help of the solidarity fund, we will make sure that the vital needs of all those affected by the calamity will be sufficiently addressed.