South Korea: Han Sang Gyun Free at Last

21 May 2018 06:30


More than 150 leaders and members of the Korean Confederation of Trae Union which included BWI affiliate the Korean Federation of Construction Industry Trade Unions (KFCITU) cheered as Han Sang Gyun, former President of the KCTU was released today from prison.  Also present were Han’s family members and representatives of a number of civil society groups.

Han expressed his sincere thanks to all his supporters including the BWI.  He stated, “I am out today because of your solidarity.   I promise I will repay your support by continuing. To fight.”  He also stated that the KFCITU was critical to the building union power in South Korea stating that he believe the union could organize 2 million construction workers in South Korea. 

“The BWI joins the global trade union movement in welcoming the release of Han Sang Gyun.  He was unjustly imprisoned for fighting against labour reforms that would have worsened the lives of South Korean workers.  With Han’s release, we will continue the fight, by calling for the release of all trade unionists in jail including Lee Young Joo, former General Secretary of the KCTU,” stated Ambet Yuson General Secretary of BWI.

Currently KFCITU members are imprisoned for trade union activities They are:

Jang Ok-ki from KCWU-KFCITU

Kim Bong-hwan from KCWU-KFCITU

Nam Cheol-won from KCWU-KFCITU

Heo Jong-su from KCWU-KFCITU