Spanish unions release COVID-19 action guide

The Federation of Industry, Construction and Agriculture-General Union of Workers (UGT-FICA), Federation of Construction and Services (CCOO) and the National Construction Confederation (CNC) recently released a “COVID-19 Guide for Action” to aid the construction industry in implementing health and safety measures at workplaces. The purpose of the document is to provide a clear protocol for action in anticipation of the construction industry’s resumption of operations. It contains the necessary COVID-19 measures, procedures and protocols to be strictly observed and implemented by both workers and employers.

The action guide, which covers all workers, visitors, subcontractors, freelancers, suppliers and any other third parties at fixed, temporary or mobile workplaces, is faithful to the procedures established by the Ministry of Health and health and safety experts.

The provisions of the guide are the same as those in Royal Decree 21/2020 issued on 9 June on the coordination of efforts on, prevention and containment of COVID-19. The action guide will be fully implemented as long as the health crisis exists and/or deemed necessary by relevant government agencies and trade unions.  

Here is the full copy of the action guide.