Statement from CCESSA Women in Nigeria on 2017 IWC

08 March 2017 09:58

Discrimination against women has become the order of the day in so many work places globally. 

Women are subjected to abuses of various kinds either directly or indirectly and this has to stop by making our voices heard. 

Examples of such abuses are as follows:

  • Sexual harassment at the workplace

  • Women are not easily promoted even when they merit such promotions 

  • Women are not always allowed to showcase their potentials thereby killing their dreams

  • Unnecessary complaints during maternity leave when they are not present at work

  • Unequal pay compared to the men.

  • Physical and verbal abuse

  • Women are prone to losing their jobs by joining the union

As women leaders in the trade union, it is our duty to make our voices heard by advocating for our right and protection through aggressive awareness and campaigns to stop such discrimination.

This can be achieved through the followings:

  • Liaising with the main union to put women’s right and protection into laws guiding the union

  • Women should be given more leadership positions in the union since women know and understand the problems peculiar to other women and it will also make them relevant at their various workplaces

  • There should be periodic sensitization of the union members on ways to protect and defend women’s right both in the union and at the workplace

  • Women should be encouraged to join the union and also give them the assurance that their rights will be protected and defended, etc.

From CCESSA Women in Nigeria, we say happy international Women’s day. 

Gbosa! Gbosa!! Gbosa!!! 

Esther Asabe Ahmadu, National Woman Leader/cordinator, Construction & Civil Engineering Senior Staff Association (CCESSA) Nigeria

Please click here to download the CCESSA Women video clip on the Internal Women Day.

Thank you.