Strategy plan objective is to achieve "Power to the People"

01 December 2017 09:56


Johan Lindholm, chair of the Strategic Plan Working Group, presented the strategic plan for 2018 – 2021 on organising, negotiating and influencing with the convergence of rights for all, safe work, youth in unions, gender equality, sustainable industries, fair games and organised value chains.

BWI strategic plan embodied a process of prioritizing plan from 157 priorities. Various parts of the strategic plan, presented to the Congress, included context and challenges, arena of trade unions, pillars of strategic actions, trade union focus and challenges and seven priorities as convergences.

The objective is to achieve “Power to the People”. The formulation and the future implementation of the Strategic Plan is “Innovative Unionism”. It reminds us on the need for union revitalisation, reinvigoration, transformation, and even reinvention. Embracing change beyond structures by infusing innovation in our systems, methods, approaches and actions. The Plan comes in a package of three documents on BWI industries and relates them with the lens of the future of work. Another document analyzes the supply-value chain in BWI Industries.

The strategic plan will be followed up with the World Council elected in the congress