SUNCA Uruguay visits BWI in Panama

18 September 2017 14:06


BWI Panama welcomed the visit of Daniel Diverio, General Secretary of SUNCA Uruguay. This fruitful working trip, held on the week of September 11th, 2017 was an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences.

SUNCA union leader was interested in learning more about BWI programmes and projects developed for affiliates in the region. This event was also an enriching experience for the regional office to hear more about SUNCA's struggles at national level.

Were particularly highlighted the process to reduce accident rates, the inclusion of persons with disabilities, youth and women in the construction industry, the political struggles to improve the working and living conditions in the country. The reduction of the weight of cement bags to 25 kilos and the contribution and role of the Uruguayan trade union movement in the conquest of democracy.

BWI Regional Representative outlined the importance of the visit. Hence, Diverio is a distinguished trade union representative known in his country for his innovative strategies and deep-rooted social and popular impacts. SUNCA is recognized as a historical organization that has gone through great sacrifices and conquests.