Switzerland: Mass rally against raising of retirement age

25 June 2018 09:19

Construction workers rally to keep retirement age at 60

Last week 18 000 construction workers went out on the streets of Zürich to demonstrate against a proposal from the employers to raise the retirement age.

The action was called by BWI’s affiliates in Switzlerand – UNIA and Syna. The unions want to maintain the early retirement as well as strengthen worker protection and introduce regulations for less temporary work in the construction sector. 

“Early retirement in construction was a successful model and allowed workers to retire in dignity,” said Nico Lutz, Head of construction at Unia on Friday to the public television channel RTS.
“In the past, they have already given up on pay rises to better finance retirement at 60,” he said.
In May, the employers’ organization Swiss Builders Association announced that workers would have to accept either raising their retirement age from 60 to 62 or get 30 per cent less pension if they leave at 60.
The unions are ready to go on strike should the employers’ group do not adhere to the union’s demands.