TARIM ORMAN-IS Panel on “Climate Change and Its Impacts”

22 April 2016 13:53

The panel is also supported by the UNCCD as the union is a CSO accredited status with the Conference of the Parties to the UNCCD. 17 speakers including academicians, activities, press members and unionists shared their valuable knowledge with almost 200 participants.


The panel consists of three sessions. The first session dealt with the issue of climate change, its major impacts and the policy behind the global attempts to restrict these impacts. The second session focused on the mass media and environment, while the third session included the presentations of representatives from industrial chambers. Additionally, TARIM ORMAN-IS General Secretary emphasised why climate change is a trade union issue in his presentation to clarify the major aims of the union in this struggle against climate change.


In Turkey, it is a first time that a union carried out such an activity regarding the issue of environment and climate change. In this regard, the panel attracted a considerable attention of press and public authorities.