The BWI joins global day of action in favour of Lula

26 April 2018 15:39


"The BWI with other Global Unions has joined the global day of action in favour of Lula calling for impartial review of his case, his immediate release, and to be allowed to run for president" says BWI general secretary Ambet Yuson. Union organizations from all over the world carried out solidarity actions on 23 April 2018.

The international trade union movement has recognized the important contributions made by Lula in creating economic growth with social inclusion. It has also condemned the 2016 coup d'état that led to serious deterioration of social and workers' rights.

Despite having ratified numerous international human rights instruments, the Government of Brazil continues to violate fundamental human rights by preventing Lula from running for office in the coming elections later this year.

The BWI therefore reiterates its call to investigate and punish the perpetrators of the criminal attack, against the participants of former President Lula's convoy in the State of Paraná last month, and to ensure peace in the exercise of the political process.

Like the other Global Unions we also defend Lula’s constitutional right to prove his innocence by appealing the absurd convictions by politicized sectors of the lower courts, as well as to uphold his constitutional right to free movement, to speak out freely and to run for the next presidential election.

The BWI stands in solidarity with peaceful demonstrations in support of Lula throughout Brazil. Among the countries that participated in this day of global action Panama, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, South Korea, India, Pan Europa, Cambodia, Indonesia and Kyrgyzstan.

BWI affiliates around the world sent solidarity messages and photos to Lula, organised protest activities in front of Brazilian embassies in their respective countries and handed over protest messages to the Brazilian government.

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